RoleWeb development
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About the company

Megadom offers its customers everything for home and building. It comprises three offices in Slovenia and is very popular among customers. Its main advantage is certainly a friendly, flexible and helpful team.

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Great user experience

The company wanted to offer a better user experience, and therefore we completely redesigned its website. When creating and designing the website, the most important features were the website's usability and customer-friendly experience.

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Website design

The website menu is very attractive so that it attracts more visitors. All icons has been designed specifically for the company, they are unique and show their meanings clearly. The website has a number of subpages, which makes it possible to present the whole offer of the company.

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The website has been tested with a variety of tools to ensure it works fast and correctly. In addition, we created a responsive design and made sure the website is always displayed correctly regardless of the device accessing it.