RoleDigital marketing
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About the company

We have been working with Winteh d. o. o. since its foundation. Our journey together began in 2017 and we have been growing together ever since. First, we wanted to establish a quality online presence.

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Brand awareness

The first step was to make sure that the company was present on social networks. We created content we needed to attract potential customers. Today we carry out advertising activities on a number of social networks; for this we use the HubSpot platform. Advertising is carried out in various markets. By advertising on the right channels, we made sure the target audience got familiar with the company and their services, which is crucial for the business.

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Complete package of services

As part of content marketing, we take care of quality content of all digital products. We provide a customer-friendly experience on various devices. By managing website search engine optimization, we constantly improve the search engine rankings of the company. We run a number of advertising campaigns and regularly monitor and prepare web analytics by using various tools.

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Added value

As part of content marketing, we also prepare content and graphic design for the digital products offered by the company. In addition, we take care of all activities related to its digital marketing for the company.