RoleDigital marketing
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About the company

Navitas d. o. o. is a company specialized for the production of nanocrystalline cellulose. Its business is very specific, for this reason working with the company in terms of digital marketing posed a particular challenge for us. Navitas has given us all the authority for managing its digital marketing.

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How it started

We started working with the company in early 2018 and first we wanted to ensure a quality presence of the company online. We found quality keywords and carried out all the search optimization work. By using various studies we identified the most appropriate digital channels for communicating with potential customers.

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Promoting visibility and communication

We run e-mail campaigns throughout the world market and regularly attract new potential customers. By using HubSpot we carry out all advertising activities on social networks as well. We have set up an online communication system for the company, which allows a constant flow of information across different channels.

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Content marketing

As part of content marketing, we also prepare various content to market the brand and promote brand awareness. To promote the company and its products at various international fairs we prepare a variety of digital products for the company as well.