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On the market, we can find many types of computer software designed to be used on desktop computers. These software programs are often very large and complex and therefore difficult to understand and use. Having this in mind, we have developed a very user-friendly software that can be learned to use in just a couple of hours.

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How it started

We wanted to improve the workflow of companies offering construction elements. We believe user-friendly software simplifies the work of manufacturers, sales managers and installers, and offers a better experience for customers. We started developing the WINteh app in the end of 2015. First we wanted to develop an app that would allow simple rough calculations. However, eventually we have upgraded the app so that its calculations are the same as made by computer software.

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The app development was carried in a number of stages. We developed a system for editing and adding different elements. The content was upgraded step by step; first we included window prices only, later we established the app could do much more.

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Development today

A simple mobile app has been upgraded to an exceptional SaaS solution for making enquiries and offers, and for planning. By using the WINteh app, the workflow from initial measurements to final offers is much easier and faster. For this reason, customers are more satisfied, and as a consequence more offers are realized.