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There are many kinds of computer software on the market that are intended for use on desktops. Often, these programs are very complex and sometimes incomprehensible due to their scope. That’s why we have developed an application for quick and professional bidding that is very easy to use as it can be learned in just a few hours.

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We wanted to improve the way businesses deal with building furniture. We believe that this would simplify the work for manufacturers, salesmen, and installers while offering customers a better experience.

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We started developing the app in the fall of 2015. Initially, we wanted to make only a simple approximation of the calculations with computer programs, but over time, we have assigned the application to such an extent that the calculation is identical to the calculation of a computer program. Application development has been gradual. As part of computer science, we have prepared a system for editing and adding items. In terms of content, the development was done step by step, since at first, we intended to allow only the price of windows to be calculated, but then we added accessories for windows (shutters, handles), entrance doors, and skylights.

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End result

New description ENThe application is the result of hard work. Bidding with WINteh is quick and easy. The only knowledge you need is of joinery and how to use smartphones. Registration is required to use the application. This is done by an authorized person who controls the console dashboards. Depending on the package you choose, they will determine your rights. The administrator will enter all the information that will be displayed on the offer. You can already get started by accepting the authentication message using the WINteh application. Using the app significantly shortens the time from measurement to making the final offer a customer.