Slovenska filharmonija

ClientSlovenska filharmonija
RoleWeb development
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The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra is the central Slovene music institution that boasts a very rich tradition on the European scale of Ljubljana. It has been in existence for more than 300 years. The Symphony Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir operate under its auspices.

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We were fascinated by classical music lovers, the orchestra, and the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir. We were very excited about their work and concerts, and we wanted to present them to a wider audience. The client’s wishes encouraged us to explore how to present the event to the visitors in the best possible way.

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The customer trusted us with their wishes and told us what they wanted the website to contain. Based on this data, we were able to start developing the website. Throughout the process, we engaged the customer to the extent they wanted. We set up the site and took care of all the upgrades so that the customer was proud of the products.

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End result

The site allows visitors to get to know the entire orchestra and choir. Some members also have a link to their social networks to enable visitors to learn more about them. What we find most worth highlighting is the list of events—concerts. The concerts are divided by month and also by different programs. The list is transparent, equipped with a picture, and a large caption of the concert title. Clicking on the desired concert will also give the visitor details and a link to purchase a ticket. Through this, we have provided a call to action throughout the site to invite the user to respond, in this case, to the purchase itself.