Slovenska filharmonija

ClientSlovenska filharmonija
RoleWeb development
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Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the central Slovenian music institution based in Ljubljana, has a very rich tradition on a European scale. It has been founded more than 300 years ago. The Slovenian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir work under its auspices.

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We were fascinated by the fans of classical music, the orchestra and the Slovenian philharmonic choir. We were very excited about their work and concerts; for this reason, we wanted to introduce them to a wider audience. The client's wishes encouraged us to explore how to present its events in the best possible ways.

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The client told us its wishes about the website. Basing on the wishes, we began to develop the website. In the process of creating a website, the client is always involved as much as they want. We set up the website and took care of all the upgrades, and today the client is proud of their product. We also made sure that the search engine website was optimized and ranked high in the search results.

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Special features

We have made sure to integrate various modules and content that has taken the user experience to a higher level. The website includes a variety of transparent listings with attractive content.