PVC Nagode

ClientPVC Nagode
RoleDigital marketing
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About the company

PVC Nagode is one of the most renowned manufacturers of PVC and ALU windows and doors in Slovenia. The area of their business is characterized by strong competition and rapidly changing market trends. We are honored to manage a wide variety of digital marketing activities for the company and its brand.

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Managing a brand means taking on a lot of responsibility. As a digital agency, we are always organized, competitive and innovative, and we use these qualities ambitiously to benefit our clients. We follow professional standards and trends, consider what works and upgrade our products and services.

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We have been working with PVC Nagode since 2016. SEO and PPC represent a big part of our long-term collaboration. We proactively increase the number of visitors to the PVC Nagode website and stay in touch with their customers through numerous social channels. Content marketing activities are carried out via the renowned HubSpot platform. In the company, we have also organized a variety of digital marketing training courses.

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Complete package of services

Long-term cooperation in the field of digital marketing has already yielded a number of positive results. We monitor online analytics and regularly adjust our digital marketing approaches. What is more, we help the company to prepare digital products for a variety of events.